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2019-11-12 16:09:43

Wily. Annoying.

Screenshot by ZDNet

Kids just get whatever they want these days.

At least that's what I hear from pained helicopter parents.

Most kids, however, tend not to use ingenious tactics, instead of resorting to whining I want over and over again until they get their way.

Samsung, however, wants kids to believe there's a better, more imaginative route.

Step one: Make sure there are Samsung devices all over the house. Step two: When your parents don't instantly give in, pester their every Samsung screen with your demand. Because you, being a kid, know how to do that.

The message -- of wonderful, Apple-like device connectivity -- is presented here with the new Star Wars movie as the background.

A wily brat, who wears his baseball cap on backward in the house, is desperate to adopt a dog that looks like Chewbacca.

Why does he want to do this? Because the dog is at an animal shelter and has become internet-famous.

Why else would a kid care about a dog?

Dad, however, doesn't seem moved about having a Chewbacca dog in the house.

So his endearing son decides to pester dad by transmitting a picture of the Chewbacca dog -- aka #RescueChewieDog -- onto dad's computer.

When that doesn't work, the kid sends it to dad's Galaxy Watch. Yes, when dad's in bed asleep.

A thoughtful kid, this.

Finally, he does the unthinkable, the sacrilegious. He interrupts a soccer match on TV with a picture of the dog.

Why would any animal rescue shelter entrust a dog to this infernally selfish child?

Still, technological nagging works. Dad and son go to the shelter. Only to discover they're too late. Chewie will be solo no more. He's found a home.

But then the son espies a Darth Vader cat.

It's all beautifully done -- at least in the 60-second version. (There's a 30-second cutdown which is largely incomprehensible.)

The teen bears more than a passing resemblance to a young Kylo Ren. The two animals are utterly winning.

Samsung believes the ad has a simple message: Seamless connectivity between Galaxy devices brings you together with what you love.

A more objective alternative might be: Annoy those you love until you get what you want.

I feel sure it'll be a great success.

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